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Add On Service Rates

Play Yard Rental

$10/half-hour up to 2 Dogs (available year round)
A large 9,900 sq. ft. fenced, secure and clean outside grass, play yard is available for $10/half hour. A great area for you to enjoy with your dog(s) to run, play or just to let off steam all year. This area is especially good for those reactive dogs who need to avoid other dogs and/or people. We also have a separate fenced area for small dogs to enjoy with the freedom of exercising safely.

Water Sports

$10/half-hour up to 2 Dogs
Recreational Swimming & Dock Jumping—A natural spring fed pond, approximately 50 x 150 feet and 6 feet deep is available on our property. The pond can be used by your dog for recreational swimming, retrieving work, sports jumping, etc. A regulation size dock, 8 x 40 feet extends into the pond for "Dock Jumping." Reservations are required for "Pond Time" and can be made for an individual dog, a group of dogs, or for eligible dogs while Boarding. Cost: $10 per half-hour.

Personal Time

An add-on service for your dog or cat while staying with us. This can be anything you would like that would help your pet enjoy his stay at Cassio. Free exercise in one of our large areas, playing ball, frisbee, extra petting or cuttle time, etc. $2/Session

Personal Services

Special meals, administering medication or treatment, transportation, obtaining vet records, etc. $2-$20/Service


Human and Pet Satisfaction

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