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Personalized & Professional Quality Pet Care

Cassio staff members live on the property. We adhere to strict business hours and are closed between 12 noon and 3 pm daily. Please respect our privacy outside of business hours when we are not open. Cassio offers the following services and has established procedures to better serve you and your pets in a more efficient manner. We do offer V.I.P., Medallion, and Multi-Pet discount Plans. (See Discounts below)

Prerequisites Pets must be up-to-date on their shots. Check with us for current requirements. At this time we require proof of rabies, bordetella(canine cough), and the distemper combination or equivalent titers for our canine guests. For our feline guests we require proof of rabies, distemper, and feline leukemia (if applicable). All of our guests are expected to be clean. However, if a pet is found arriving with ticks or fleas, he will be treated in our grooming area at the owner’s expense.

  • Advance Reservations are necessary especially during school vacations and holidays periods.
  • Your pet needs time to settle and we need time to observe and process our internal paperwork before closing times. Therefore, we request that you drop off or pick up your pet at least one-half hour prior to any closing hour.
  • We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards. Returned check fees are posted. We adhere to strict business hours.
Pets are accepted and released ONLY during our daily Kennel Hours 8:15AM -11:30AM & 3PM – 5:30PM. We are closed daily between 12 Noon and 3 PM. We are open every day (including Sundays) except our office is closed for Christmas and Thanksgiving days. You are charged for the day your pet arrives, but not the day of departure if your pet leaves prior to noon.

Cassio records are maintained by your PHONE NUMBER. If you are leaving a phone message, please indicate your name and home phone number so we can easily find your account. Please note if the reservation could be listed under a second name or phone number.

If you have made a reservation and your plans have changed, please let us know. When we reach our initial numerical cut-off for reservations, a waiting list will be established. We appreciate our repeat customers and their pets have generally adapted well to our routine. All current VIP and MEDALLION CUSTOMERS will continue to be accepted for Boarding until a final cut-off is reached.

  • VIP: A VIP customer has accumulated boarding charges in excess of $1000 for the calendar year and is entitled to a 10% discount on boarding charges for the remainder of that calendar year.
  • MEDALLION: A Medallion customer has accumulated boarding charges in excess of $2,000 for the calendar year and is entitled to a 15% discount on boarding charges for the remainder of that calendar year.
  • Multiple Pet: A customer boarding 3 or more pets from the same family at the same time is entitled to a 10% discount on boarding charges for each pet for that period.
Prior To Your Arrival Owner Supplied Diet To ensure we feed your pet as you would at home, pre-packaged individual feeding portions of dry food adding dry supplements, vitamins, pills, etc. that are normally administered in food are recommended as well as a day or two extra in case their return is delayed for whatever reason. To ensure ingestion, critical supplements should be administered by hand. Critical medication should be kept separate and requested to be administered by hand. Please label all packets, baggies and cans with your name and your pet’s name with a permanent marker. Also, be sure to specify AM or PM if the portions contain different amounts or supplements. We ask that you place these portioned meals with your canned food and measuring scoop, if applicable, together in a bag or container labeled with your name and your pet’s name and SPECIFIC mixing instructions.

Medications Owner supplied medication may be continued while Boarding. However, we must ask that you supply an adequate amount of medication for your pet’s stay as well as a day or two extra in case their return is delayed for whatever reason. Please write your pet’s name and SPECIFIC administering instructions on a card. Also include the pre-existing medical condition, your vet’s name and phone number, and indicate if we should be alert to any specific conditions or symptoms. It is advisable that we are made aware of all recent medical conditions when you check in so that we can be alert to possible symptoms.

Extra “Luggage” Please do not bring bedding, clothing, or bowls from home as all are washed daily. We have slightly raised beds and plenty of bedding for all our guests. We are not responsible for misplaced items during our daily cleaning process. Daily treats and chew-bones marked with your dog’s name are allowed. However, we ask that you leave rawhides at home. Toys are fine to bring as long as they are marked and limited to two (2). We have plenty of balls and other toys for Personal Time.

On Arrival Local Contact/ Emergency Phone Number/Email An emergency contact number and/or email should be left with us if we need to be in touch with you regarding your pet while you are away. We request this number be supplied prior to or at time of check-in.

Extra Charges
  • Personal Time (P/T) with an associate: $2/ session (10 minutes each session) up to 4 times per day. This can include personal time with one of our Associates in our fenced back yard, short walks, or even just some petting. We have balls and toys on hand for P/T.
  • Doggie Play Date, $4/ per session (10 minute each session) supervised by our Associates can be arranged with another pre-evaluated and suitable dog. We require signatures of both owners on file for this service.
  • Administering Medications/Supplements not added to meals: $1+ All critical supplements administered by hand.
  • Special Preparation, cooking, freezing, or other specific requests per meal: $1+
  • Phone calls to verify vaccinations at vet if not supplied by checkin: $2
  • Transportation if necessary to vet clinic, purchase special food or medication: $10-$20 per trip plus cost.
  • Bathing, Grooming, or Training: varies with each dog
  • Returned check fee is posted
  • Prime Rates of an additional $2/day will be in effect for each Friday, Saturday, Sunday and certain Holiday Periods.


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